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released March 3, 2017


The Brothers Nylon on Vinyl!
The Brothers Nylon with Shawn Lee is available on Vinyl and CD/Digital on bandcamp now. The formation consists of the brothers Michael and Nick Rufolo from New York and the London-based Shawn Lee, known through his soundtracks for film and video games, as well as numerous record releases on labels like BBE, Ubiquity, Wall of Sound, Talkin Loud and some others. He can now boast a catalog of over 30 publications.But what is so special about this formation, how can you describe or classify the band's sound?
One enters a unique world, shaped and brought to life by three musical individuals who serve plentiful from the musical ingredients shelf. The result is a superb mixture of semi- famous riffs, Library Records, dirty funk tracks, obscure records for inducted vinyl nerds and flea market diggers. Perhaps the best description is “multi instrumental big band multitrack madness”. Recorded in New York by the brothers Rufolo using a historical tape machine and then sent across the ocean to Shawn Lee to be developed and enriched, then back to New York and so on and so forth. If there are bonus miles for e-mails, this intercontinental collaboration has certainly entitled to the golden Membership. In addition to the musical complexity, the project is mainly supported by his humor which would be a Beastie Boys side project as well as a Prince Paul publication. There are all imaginable and unimaginable topics . The range from an ode to the clearly
ambiguous All Man Milk on musical bows / disrespects regarding the fantasy series Game Of Thrones to the various reasons for visiting San Francisco or the declaration of couscous way of life.

10 Tracks, 10 videos, once in a lifetime experience. Absolutely thrilling collaboration with Shawn and the Rufolo Brothers! 

released September 16, 2019


The Brothers Nylon: Tape Trip

The Brothers Nylon have recorded an unspeakable treasure trove of songs since they started in 2012. One single and one album with Shawn Lee have been released on vinyl so far.
With Tape Trip on Fat Mono Ville they deliver an incredibly good selection of tracks from their tape machine and play a balanced range of raw funk breaks & 80's sounds, jazzy vibes paired with modern beats and soulful parts on quiet surfaces. Somehow a tribute to the music of their record rack and above all an announcement about their passion for music. Another eye-catcher of the twin brothers from New York, who produce everything themselves in their studio at home!


February 6th, 2021


The Brothers Nylon first Hit on a Spotify Playlist:

The track, "Elevator Vibes II" from The Brothers Nylon was added to the spotify playlist called, Jazz Vibes.


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